Hi, I'm Kailyn! 
I'm an educator, a daughter, and the proud owner of Squishy Dough. I LOVE sensory play, messy play, and happy crazy children. When I'm not busy creating new, squishy fun, I can be found working with my class, singing in my kitchen, crocheting, painting, cooking, or watching Netflix with my roommates. I have lived in Colorado for almost all of my life. I grew up in Colorado Springs, and I moved to Greeley, CO for college. I decided I liked it so much that I stayed! I got my degree in Early Education with an emphasis in special education (you can see why I love play of all kinds). I live with two roommates, and have 15 three year old's who are in my class whom I love with all my heart. We can all make this world a little brighter and better, and I choose to do so with dough in hand! 

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